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  • plumbing repairs
  • new home plumbing
  • plumbing renovations
  • water conditioning


  • furnace repair
  • furnace replacement
  • new home heating
  • boiler repair
  • boiler replacements

Air Conditioners

  • air conditioner repair
  • air conditioner installation




In the high-tech world we live in it’s easy to lose sight of old-fashioned values like service, quality, and the personal touch.

Technology is moving so fast that, almost as soon as an emerging firm in any trade starts to grow, it can easily get lost in the scramble to get to the head of the expansion league. In the race to the top, it often loses sight of the importance of satisfying its customers.

Tower Plumbing and Heating, an established firm has avoided the pitfalls and emerged in an enviable position at the head of it’s field.